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I trained under Mitch and the Velocity Training Program for a little over two months. The program got me up to 94 mph on my fastball, a 38 inch vertical, and a 6.5-sec 60-yard dash. However, that wasn’t even the best part of my time training with the Velocity Program. I met and trained with dudes that have the same goals as me, who pushed me every day to get better, and by the end of the summer, became some of my closest friends. I can’t thank the Velocity Program enough for letting me be apart of the family and growing every part of my game more than I could have imagined. Get better with Velocity Training, it’s a no brainer.




"In my five weeks of training at Velocity, and with Mitch, I got more than I ever could have imagined. I was in a little bit of a rut, stuck at 90-92 T 93. After looking at sequencing and a few other variables, Mitch was able to help me sit 93-94 T 96 within the month.


If you come in every day and give all of your effort to him, he will give you the same thing back. Mitch has an amazing mind when it comes to programming athletes in throwing and lifting allowing them fully recovered whenever they have a lift, throwing session, game, etc. Not to mention--his knowledge when it comes to pitch-sequencing, pitch design, and the mental side of baseball is top-notch.

After saying all of this, I think the best thing that he does is give the tools to eventually become your own coach. Once you learn what you're looking for as well, you can start to dissect yourself and learn off of your own ques and how your body moves. I know that when I need help, even if I'm not there I can send him any video or questions and he will help me. 

Working with Mitch and Velocity Baseball Training was one of the best decisions I've made in my career and I cannot wait to get back and continue to work with him."



When I walk through the doors, I immediately feel welcomed. Mitch has really grown something special here at Rochester Batting Cages. If you are a baseball-playing looking to improve your game, this is without a doubt the place to be. I have grown so much as a player, athlete, and person in only a year of this program. Last winter, I gained 30 pounds and was hitting balls 100mph+. Plus a new PR of 90mph pulldown. The coaches there want nothing but the best for you in any aspect of life. As a young kid growing up, this is the place to turn into a man. At Rochester Batting Cages we are beyond lucky to have a guy like Mitch, and it’s time that everyone starts taking advantage of him.

Logan Milene


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